Spring Creek Cemetery

There are many Spring Creek Cemeteries in our great nation. But this Spring Creek Cemetery is located in Cooke County, Texas approximately 5 miles southwest of Gainesville.

“Records indicate that in 1883, land for the cemetery was donated by J.P. Barnhart and the cemetery was named Barnhart Cemetery. In that same year, nine prominent residents of the community met at the E.R. Campbell Gin to form a Cemetery Association. J.P. Barnhart served as its first President and I.W. Stevens was chosen Secretary. I.W. Stevens had been responsible for organizing the group.” (Taken from “The History of the Spring Creek Cemetery”, by Bertie L. Calhoun, 1991,2006)

In 1991 Bertie L. Calhoun completed “The History of the Spring Creek Cemetery.” This work was published privately with only a few copies in existence. In 2006, Welborn Computing Services, Inc. re-published the work in a booklet form and two e-book forms.

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