911 Commission Report

On July 22, 2004 The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States released it's final report on the terrorist attacks occurring on September 11, 2001.

This report is available in printed form at many retailers, and a download version is available on the commission web site. Free downloads are available at the bottom of this page.

I downloaded the electronic version of the 9/11 Commission Report and, quite frankly, found the formatting and accessibility of the document to be lacking. After having read the document, I decided that I should attempt to make the document more “User Friendly” if possible. I also decided that I should create versions for two popular ebook formats.

I decided to do this because, after having read the document, I believe that all Americans should read this document. And I believe that it should be read with a non-political view. That is to say, not read with a view of determining who in America is to blame for these events. It is well established in this document that al Qaeda is to blame.

What this document does for us is identify the single greatest threat we face. It clearly examines how it came to be that al Qaeda was able to conduct this attack, and will hopefully open the eyes of American citizens and foster a single-mindedness in so far as the safety and security or our nation is concerned. We must find a way for our law enforcement and intelligence agencies at all levels of government to share information about individuals and organizations without compromising the needs and security of any of the entities. Some procedure or chain of access must be developed for those with a legitimate “need to know” to have access to information vital to our national security.

The content of the book has not been edited. Some minor formatting changes have been made to better accommodate the viewing in electronic form. Links have been provided from the Table of Contents to the various sections of the book. Links have also been provided from footnote notations to the footnotes.

I have included the Executive Summary in this edition. The Executive Summary gives a global overview of the report, and I recommend reading it before the report itself. I also added the photograph of the commission members (downloaded from the web site) to the commission members page.

The commission has placed no copyright on the document and states:

“The Commission’s final report is a public document. There are no copyright restrictions or laws governing the translation and publication of the final report.”

“If a firm or other entity chooses to add or remove material from the report, the Commission respectfully requests that the edition clearly state that the report differs from its original form.”

In compliance with the request of the commission, this is my notice of these minor changes and additions.

While the government has no copyright, I claim copyright on this edition in that it may not be altered or sold by anyone except me. However, it may be freely shared and distributed by anyone.

I offer this edition free of any charge or obligation. However, if anyone feels compelled to do so, I will accept gifts, donations, or other such offerings. Such may be given at www.paypal.com to the account of wcs@welborntx.com or mailed to:

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The electronic form of the document is:

Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download from Adobe Acrobat) - Download Report

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States