Community Policing Action Planner

One of the greatest challenges in Community Oriented Policing is developing a plan of action for issues that have been identified by the community or the law enforcement agency. Once a plan has been devised and implemented, it must eventually be evaluated. The evaluation determines the success, failure, or need to continue the plan. This evaluation is most likely the most difficult part of the process.

The Community Policing Action Planner is designed to step the user through the process of planning programs to impact the community. It is a wizard based system that provides a consistent way of designing programs and evaluating the results of the plan. The planner uses industry standard components that allow the user to develop custom forms and reports if desired. Data can be collected locally on a single user license, or globally in an enterprise system. The data is scaleable from a single user to shared data in a totally agency wide system.

For wide scale plans, several plans can be combined and evaluated individually or in tandem.

This application is scheduled for release in second quarter of 2005.